Focus on: The Leiber Fund

The Leiber Fund

Church and religion orientate their legal relationship with the state from the task they perform within society […] (R. Leiber)

Robert Leiber SJ was advisor to Eugenio Pacelli while he was Nuncio in Munich and in Berlin. He continued advising Pacelli, who was then Cardinal Secretary of State. After Pacelli was elected to the papacy as Pope Pius XII, Leiber helped and advised him until the Pope’s death.

The Leiber Fund consists of 14 folders of correspondence containing over 3000 letters and 10 folders with lecture notes, drafts for articles or lectures, bibliographical notes, newspaper cuttings and journal extracts.

Work in progress

We are currently working on the inventory and digitisation of the Leiber Fund. The material will be inaccessible to scholars for the entire period required for these operations. However, in order to speed up the process, APUG will be happy to welcome researchers and institutions willing to contribute to the task through
a) scanning
b) building metadata
c) inventory work.

The Fund will be open to any scholar or institution who agrees to cooperate with the Archive for at least six months.  

To collaborate

For more information or to propose a collaboration, you can use the following form.

Lavori in corso

Stiamo attualmente lavorando all’inventario e alla digitalizzazione del Fondo Leiber. Il materiale risulterà inaccessibile agli studiosi per tutto il periodo richiesto da queste operazioni. Per velocizzare il processo, APUG sarà comunque felice di collaborare con ricercatori o istituzioni disposti a contribuire all’impresa attraverso
a) scansioni
b) metadatazione,
c) lavoro di inventario.

Il Fondo sarà aperto a qualsiasi studioso che si impegni a collaborare con l’Archivio per almeno sei mesi.  

Laufende arbeiten

Wir arbeiten derzeit an der Inventarisierung und Digitalisierung des Leiber-Fonds. Das Material wird während der gesamten Dauer der Arbeiten für die Wissenschaftler unzugänglich sein. Um den Prozess zu beschleunigen, nimmt das APUG jedoch gerne Forscher auf, die bereit sind, durch folgende Maßnahmen zu dem Vorhaben beizutragen
a) Scannen
b) Metadaten,
c) Inventurarbeiten.

Der Fonds steht allen Wissenschaftlern offen, die sich bereit erklären, mindestens sechs Monate lang mit dem Archiv zusammenzuarbeiten.  

Travaux en cours

Nous travaillons actuellement à l’inventaire et à la numérisation du Fonds Leiber. Le matériel sera inaccessible aux chercheurs pendant toute la période nécessaire à ces opérations. Afin d’accélérer le processus, l’APUG sera toutefois heureuse de collaborer avec tous chercheurs désireux de contribuer à l’entreprise par le biais de
a) le balayage
b) les métadonnées,
c) le travail d’inventaire.

Le Fonds sera ouvert à tout chercheur qui accepte de collaborer avec les Archives pendant au moins six mois.


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